Feb 022015

We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know when, or think it would be so soon after the release of the previous version. Starting today, the Racing Miku 2014: EV Mirai ver. Figma and matching bike are available for preorder. Orders for both will remain open until March 4th at 9:00 PM JST.

The figma design is based on the original artwork by Koyama Shigeto, and comes with two expressions by default, and a helmet that can be used in place of the head. The Figma is priced at 5800 Yen. The bike, available separately, is named “ex:ride Spride.07 – TT-Zero 13 Kai”, has decals matching the official artworks by Oguchi (official illustrator for Racing Miku 2014). It is priced at 62,64 Yen. The scheduled shipment date for both is July 2015.

Both items will be available from various online retailers, but the GSC Online Shop includes an exclusive “Smiling & Looking Left” expression as a bonus. Check the official product pages below for a full gallery of images.

Figma Racing Miku 2014: EV Mirai ver.: Product Page | Shop Page
Ex:Ride Spride.07 – TT-Zero 13 Kai: Product Page | Shop Page

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