Jan 282014

Starting today, the Senbonzakura version Hatsune Miku figure by FREEing is available for preorder, and will remain open until February 26th. The design comes inspired by the hugely popular song Senbonakura, which has been viewed over 7 million times on Nicovideo, and even became Japan’s most popular karaoke song.

Standing at 1/8 scale, the figure has Miku displayed in a very dynamic pose, as if she’s standing in the breeze. For those who feel like they would enjoy a little change now and then, the hat on the figure is actually removable.

The MSRP for the figure is set at 9800 Yen, and can be ordered directly from Good Smile Company’s online shop, with a flat rate shipping fee. You can also find the figure available from other sites such as Amiami, CDJapan and Hobby Search.

Check out the review on Kahotan’s blog.

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