Sep 282017

The highly anticipated Hatsune Miku edition RICOH THETA 360 camera is now available for order in the U.S. EU regions with a remaining available limit of 3,822 units (117 out of the 3,939 were sold at Magical Mirai 2017)! You can read further details and preorder the camera from various regions at

The camera is priced at 299USD/299Euro/269GBP, and is expected to ship October 13th, 2017 for the European region (U.S. orders available immediately!). On top of its usual 360 imaging capabilities, the Miku edition THETA’s software customizations and AR application features will sure make for a fun photo-shooting experience for many Miku fans!

Above is a gallery of the special editing app only for the Miku THETA (thanks to ThetaMiku twitter!), and below is a special introductory video below featuring Appearance Miku, with English captions available.

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