Sep 052015

Two editions for the Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2015 Blu-ray and DVD sets have been announced today, with preorders open from today until September 14th at 23:59 JST. Both come in limited and regular editions, and will ship on January 13th next year.

The regular editions offer a rich concert experience of all 27 tracks performed at Nippon Budōkan from September 4th~5th, whereas the limited edition will offer further bonus goods: an exclusive booklet with newly drawn illustration(s), live photo(s), and lyrics, a bonus disc, a bonus item, and a sleeve case with an illustration drawn by Hoshima for this special occasion.

Blu-ray CDJapan(limited edition)
Blu-ray CDJapan(regular edition)

DVD CDJapan(limited edition)
DVD CDJapan(regular edition)


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