Mar 252014

The past several hours have been pretty exciting for news regarding Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, including an apparent early release through some online retailers like Amiami, and even a confirmed schedule for a Western release in Fall 2014! SEGA hints at some ‘fun stuff’ for the Western version of the game, and announced that in addition with the physical version for PS3, a physical release is planned for Vita as well through reservations.

Check the announcement video below, and SEGA’s official news post here. More news is expected as E3 draws closer.

All very exciting indeed, but the Japanese version officially launches tomorrow on March 27th, so let’s take a look at what we can expect. The game has been improved quite a bit in the visual graphics department, indicating that SEGA developed the game this time as a PS3-first title, then made a port to VITA. These improvements were made apparent with the game PV for DECORATOR.

Note the improvements in lighting effects compared to the previous game.[youtube:]

What’s new in this game?

■ PS3 and Vita releases will contain the same songs. No paid DLC needed!
■ 20 all new songs, 20 remade classics from previous titles. 40 songs total!
■ 160 modules (outfits) total. 40 new, 40 classics, and 80 from Project Diva F.
■ Previous game save data can be imported to unlock already-owned items.
■ Two new ☆ icons for scratch notes: Double scratch (use both fingers) and link scratch.
■ Redesigned HUD with 20 different customization patterns.
■ Largely improved PV editor functions (must be downloaded for Vita version, free).
■ More pose choices and AR mode/photo editor functions.

If you can’t wait for the Western release, you can pick up a Japanese copy due to no region restrictions on the PS3 and Vita. But be sure to support the upcoming Western release if possible! Here’s a few preorder sources:

CDJapan (Includes bonus B3 size calendar poster, 7000 Yen): PS3 | Vita
Amiami: (Includes bonus multipurpose stand, 7220 Yen): PS3 | Vita

Video showcasing all 40 songs.[youtube:]

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