Nov 062013

SEGA has recently announced that they will finally be bringing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva ƒ for the PlayStation Vita to North America and Europe sometime in early 2014. Even though it is planned as a digital-only release for both regions, this is another step forward to having more game titles localized.

The game will contain all the same songs and features as the Japanese release (minus data exchange with the PS3), so it will not include the extra songs, modules and accessories found in Project Diva F for PS3. These will likely be added as optional DLC, much like the JP release.

SEGA commented at the recent U.S. Japan Expo that they will consider localizing more game titles if they continue to sell well. The success of the overseas launch for Project Diva F likely led to PjD ƒ’s localization, so I can imagine what may happen next if PjD ƒ also sells well (possible localization of Project Mirai?).

Read SEGA’s official statement here, and watch the announcement trailer below.

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