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SEGA and Famitsu have outed and recapped more juicy bits about Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, mostly pertaining to the home screen, song selection, and additional game modules. Let’s take a look at what’s being added!

Home Screen

Communication at Home
Diva X seems to be taking inspiration from the Project Mirai series, and pushing for more player and character interaction. From this menu, you have access to the Area Quest, Events Quest, Gifts, Makeover, Setup, Relationship Status, and photo album.


From here, characters will communicate with you to give hints about available live quest events, or if they feel like encouraging you to train harder. You can also “poke” characters here as a form of physical interaction like in previous games but this time the character reactions can be influenced by their relationship status with you, as well as the element of the module they’re currently wearing. Try out different elements to see the different reactions!


Different elemental reactions to being “poked”.

Gifts and Closeness
Gift giving has been included in nearly every Project Diva game, and is a way of increasing a character’s fondness towards you. While you can give gifts normally, there are also now events where a character may speak hints about a certain thing they desire. Giving the correct gift based on these hints can greatly raise the relationship level, and the character may also give game progressing hints or tips.


Character gift hints, and correct gift reactions

Much like past Project Diva games, you’ll have almost complete freedom in decorating yor character’s room however you want in the Home Makeover area. Go nuts!


Song: Hitorinbo Envy
Artist: koyori
Stage Element: Cool

Song: Hikyou Sentai Urotanda
Artist: ShinP
Stage Element: Chaos

Artist: Mitchie M
Stage Element: Cute


Cool Modules

Module: Layered Envy Designer: SHIN-ICHI SATAKE Element: Cool

Module: Layered Envy
Element: Cool


Chaos Modules


Cute Modules

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X launches for the PlayStation Vita March 24th, with a PS4 version launch due in Fall 2016. You can preorder the Japanese version (region free) on CDJapan!

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