May 132013

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As a followup for my previous post regarding this album, Reboot is finally scheduled for release tomorrow on May 15th, 2013 JST. If you haven’t preordered your own copy yet, it’s not too late to score some cool bonus items with the album. Below are a couple options to choose from.

cdjapanAlong with the album, CDJapan’s preorder bonuses include 5 collectable character straps, and a full reproduction key-ring, all of which was seen in the promotional video for Reboot.

The special bonus for ordering from CDJapan is a Reboot poster. The price is set at 1905 Yen, or about $19 USD. Click here to order from CDJapan.

amazonThe second preorder option is Amazon Japan, which offers similar bonuses as CDJapan, but with a single change: Instead of a poster, you will receive two decorative clear files.

Like CDJapan, Amazon Japan also ships albums internationally. The price is set at 2000 Yen, or about $20 USD. Click here to order from Amazon Japan.


Below is the crossfade previewing all 16 tracks from the album.

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