Dec 052014

For collectors of Hatsune Miku plushies, or fans of Appearance Miku (aka, ApiMiku) by Mamama, a new pair of ApiMiku style plushies have been announced by TAITO for release in May 2015.

Dressed in a kimono style outfit, these plushies come with two different expressions (as pictured above), and are 16cm tall. The outfit design is inspired by the popular song “Moon・Shadow・Dancing・Blossom” by Ginga HoumenP.

Since this is a TAITO product, you should be able to find it in crane-style prize machines when it’s launched, although it can also be found via online retailers in Japan (Hobby Net as one example) for 2680 Yen ($22) for the set if you don’t feel lucky, or have a friend in Japan to help you get them.

You can listen to the song that inspired the design of the plushie below.

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