Mar 162013

It seems even amusement parks are not safe from Miku’s charm, as the Mitsui Greenland theme park in Kumamoto, Japan has opened its doors for an event titled “Let’s Play With Hatsune Miku! (初音ミクとあそぼうっ!)”.

The event started yesterday on the 16th of March, and is scheduled to run until May 6th. 初音ミクとあそぼうっ! is free to all visitors, but entry to the theme park itself still costs 500 yen. The entry fee also provides a stamp rally card for a chance to earn one of three different keychains.

Miku-themed activities and services include a merchandise shop, an art gallery that displays a number of nendoroids, GRAPHIGs, figures, and a life-sized Deep Sea Girl statue located in the front foyer. Also featured is a large wall-sized print of the beautiful image pictured above, illustrated by rco wada.

Images by hobbylog. Click here for more.


And in case you need a little help getting around the park (or just want to have a little fun), there is a Miku-themed train for you to ride that plays what sounds like Alice in Musicland by OSTER-Project. Thank you to Virtual-Emotions for the additional info.

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