Feb 062012

There is a lot of buzz and excitement about the upcoming 2012 Sapporo Winter Festival, along with the participation of Crypton and Snow Miku. A lot of artists have gotten creative and carved large Nendo Miku models out of snow and even ice, currently on display in Sapporo.

The most exciting piece of work on display now has to be the life sized figurine of Miku on display at the New Chitose Airport, approximately 100km south east of Sapporo. Many excited fans and visitors have flocked to capture pictures of the impressive statue, and also look at other various artworks on display. Nearby shops also had a lot of special Vocaloid related merchandise on sale.

It is doubtful that more will be produced, so don’t think that anyone will simply be able to buy one of these anytime in the future. One can always dream though. Oh, and be sure to check out all the other Snow miku goodies and art on display here: Click to view.

“Shut up and take my money” sure fits this well.

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