Dec 072012

On December 5th, in affiliation with YAMAHA, Exit Tunes has released their first Vocaloid product: Mayu. She’s a rather interesting character story-wise, as she’s the only Vocaloid described to have a “yandere” personality. She is also the second Vocaloid to be produced by a record label company. Another mentionable aspect is the sheer amount of advertising effort that was put into the character.

The current promotion for her release offers Mayu’s Vocaloid3 library, as well as two CDs packed with over 30 tracks created by many notable producers. The package is priced at an amazingly low 11,500 Yen ($140 USD) on Amazon Japan, or 10,952 Yen ($133 USD) on CDJapan. This is cheaper than her software through the official Vocaloid website.

Official MAYU Promotional Video. Official MAYU site: [Link]

Speaking of the Vocaloid online store, YAMAHA has recently announced that their website is now available in English. Along with this change comes new purchase options for overseas buyers. The store previously only offered digital purchases of the software for overseas users, but they now offer the shipment of physical software media.

The product selection isn’t as complete as the Japanese store, unfortunately. The Japanese store offers Vocaloid2 series products as well as over 70 different Vocaloid3 products. The English store currently offers 11 Vocaloid3 series products, but no Vocaloid2 products. Plugins are also only available on the Japanese site. Perhaps the product selection will be expanded in the future. The store is also now available in Chinese and Korean (ironically, SeeU is not offered on the Korean store).

As a last mention, the game “Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer” was just recently released for the iOS platform. The promised English version isn’t available yet, so users who want to try out the game early will have to do a bit of work to obtain the Japanese version. But if you want to give it a go, head over to Virtual Emotions for the details of the release. Have fun!

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