Nov 022014

Photo via Kaneko Ranou’s twitter

A rather uniquely styled Hatsune Miku has appeared for Miku Miku Dance by the name of “Kaneko-Type Hatsune Miku”, created by Kaneko Ranou. This new model is styled with more of an anime look, right down to the expressions and the texturing style.

Then the creator also came up with a really creative idea for introducing the model: An anime opening style video. It shows off the model’s look and feel perfectly, and I can imagine this model being used a lot for humor and drama-type MMD videos.

The model is available for download from Bowlroll with no need for a password, but be sure to follow the creator’s Terms of Use! Finally, please enjoy the model’s introduction video below.


Koneko-Type Hatsune Miku Introduction Video

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