Aug 112012

Sorry I’m late with this one, I was quite busy yesterday.

Less than a month after the announcement of Miku Flick 2, SEGA has released the game on the international iTunes store. The launch price is 900 Yen, or $11 USD on the US store. The application is also available in many other regions, so just search your own local online store.

As expected, the game comes with 10 songs, with 9 of them being confirmed while the 10th remains an unlockable mystery. But there’s a new feature with this game: In-App Downloadable Content. There are two packs you can download that add 3 additional songs to the game. The price is $5 USD per pack. There’s the Diva Pack that adds three additional Hatsune Miku tracks, and the Duet Pack that adds three additional tracks featuring two Vocaloids.

Diva pack list:

Kocchi Muite Baby
Colorful x Melody

Duet Pack list:

Colorful x Sexy

The game works with the iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod Touch 3rd gen or newer, and all iPad versions. Now, to see about trying to get one of these devices…

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