Mar 192012

A well deserved award indeed.

As a quick note, this writer would like to apologize for the delay in publishing this article. I had a bit of trouble accessing the site.

In a recent awards ceremony in Japan on Monday, Crypton and related parties involved in the Mikunopolis concert event were awarded the top prize presented by Japan’s Association of Media in Digital. The award praises the massive success and collaboration work between Crypton, SEGA, and even Toyota for promotion of the event, and they even said they hope to see more in the future.

As a proud visitor of the Mikunopolis concert from last July, I’d say they certainly earned it. The experience was just fantastic. This makes the second time that Crypton has been awarded this prize, with the first one being awarded in 2008 after the explosive success of Miku’s software.

Read more on this here.

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