Apr 142014

Good Smile Company decided to surprise everyone this Spring by silently giving the Sakura Miku Nendoroid another production run. Reservations for the nendoroid started today on April 14th, and seems to have no announced end date. And interestingly, if this isn’t an error, orders will also start shipping later this month!

Product Info & Order Page: http://goodsmile-global.ecq.sc/top/gscotswd00040.html

Even though it’s an additional production run, the Nendoroid will still include all the accessories found in the original release version. The price is set at 4,011 Yen ($39.50 USD), and Good Smile Company is accepting global reservations. If you missed Sakura Miku last year, now you have another chance to add this beautiful Nendoroid to your collection.

EDIT: It looks like reservations already sold out, that was fast!

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