Mar 142016

CM ending scene

SEGA announced a new 30 second TV commercial today for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, and along with it, brought a few extra treats. The first treat is that Fujita Saki herself, the voice provider for Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid software, provided the voice-over for the commercial! As a professional voice actress, she gets around doing commercial and anime voice acting all the time. Although voicing for a commercial featuring Miku is extra special. Check it out below!

The commercial again shows an interesting scene at the end of the video (pictured above), where we see TWO Mikus on-screen: Hatsune Miku in her original outfit, and another in the “Ultimate Miku” outfit. The latter appears to be hovering, and transparent. We’re unsure if this is something from the game’s opening sequence, or from actual gameplay. Either way, we’re curious what would be going on gameplay story-wise to justify two Miku’s on-screen at the same time (but having two is certainly better than one!).

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X launches for the PlayStation Vita in Japan in just 10 more days! You can grab it on CDJapan with a cool bonus microfiber towel featuring art by LamazeP! The PS4 version launch is due sometime in Fall 2016.

New Project Diva X CM feat. Fujita Saki

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