Aug 262012

On the heels of the Voca Nico Night celebration event, we have yet another major concert coming up that will be live streamed to nicovideo on the evening of August 29th, Japan Standard Time.

Link to stream page:

If you follow Miku’s page on Facebook, you would have seen the announcement about an upcoming water stage performance, and that’s essentially what this performance will be. The concert opens its doors on August 29th at 17:00 (5:00 PM) JST, and the concert starts at 19:00 (7:00 PM) JST.

Free users will be able to watch this event as well, but you will need a nicovideo account to watch it. If you do not have one, you can simply register an account at, and use that account on nicovideo.

To avoid getting kicked from the stream, switching to the lower quality stream is recommended. You can do this by clicking the text below the player that says “低画質モード”. However, you should note that free users can still be kicked from the lower quality stream to make way for premium nicovideo users.

Have fun and enjoy the show!

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