Jul 242013

Thanks to new product updates by Happy Kuji and Good Smile Company, we now have additional images and information on the products that will be available as prizes in the upcoming Hatsune Miku x Family Mart summer promotion. The only thing seemingly lacking, however, is the start date of the promotion.

Ticket prices, just like the last couple promotional campaigns, will be set at 800 Yen each. Every store will carry a set number of prizes and tickets, with the higher prizes being more rare. There is also a special prize awaiting those who grab the last ticket in each store.

The first prize to mention is the “A” rank prize, which will include two nendoroids. It contains a Swimsuit ver. Hatsune Miku nendoroid, as well as a Family Mart 2013 ver. Miku nendoroid. This will be the second rarest of the promotional prizes.

The next prizes, and less rare, are the B and C rank prizes, which are the Family Mart 2013 ver. Kagamine Rin and Len version nendoroids, respectively. The only detail unknown to me is if there will be more Len nendoroids compared to the Rin version, since he is a lower prize rank.

Before the details of the lower ranking prizes, I feel the “Last” prize is more worthy of note. This is the Swimsuit Hatsune Miku Family Mart Color ver Nendoroid. As the name suggests, it’s exactly the same as the swimsuit nendoroid seen in the A rank prize, but with a Family Mart color scheme. This prize will be awarded to whoever buys the last ticket at each Family Mart store, possibly making it the rarest prize.

The last remaining prizes are the “Becoming Round” Hatsune Miku plushie (Rank D), Soup and Curry bowls (Rank E), binders with notepad and pen (Rank F), handbags with art (Rank G), and even more Graphigs (Rank H). There is also one last “W” rank prize that is unannounced, and seems to be a challenge prize of sorts.

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