Nov 272012

It is known that Project Diva F for the PS3 will feature 6 new tracks that are not included in the PS Vita version of the game, as well as a few new modules. Two of these songs, according to a report by SG Cafe, will be “Tell Your World” by kz(livetune) and “Sweet Devil” by 8#Prince(HachioujiP).

Both songs are iconic and highly popular to members in the Vocaloid community, so the addition of these songs are likely to make quite a few fans happy. They will NOT be using the PVs animated by Director Wakamura, and will instead feature all new PVs by SEGA. Head over to SG Cafe for the full details.

Project Diva F for the PS3 is scheduled for release on March 7th 2013. Pre-order bonuses will include the “tokusei lovers” trading strap. Pre-orders are open on Amiami and CDJapan. Enjoy the official PVs of both songs below.


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