Jun 122012

After the recent buzz over the news of a Project Diva F demo booth at E3, a North American electronics expo, people have been excited over the possibility of an international release of the game. Hopes of this were shot down when SEGA said they were NOT planning an international release. This was a letdown considering the demo of the game was completely translated, and even small things like a clip of the game seen in this E3 PS Vita software showcase.

But this may start to turn around, as there’s some news floating around that SEGA was testing the waters with the E3 demo and may actually consider the game for an international release. Even if it’s just through digital distribution (which would make more sense from a cost standpoint), it’s definitely something that we wouldn’t want to slip by. A user has opened up an online petition where people can sign their name to show support for the game. The current goal is set at 10,000 signatures (EDIT: Now it’s 2,000).

To cast your vote and signature, please click here. Lets show our support!

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