Mar 092016


Do you and your special partner share your passion and love for Hatsune Miku, as much as you do for each other? When the time comes to make your life-long relationship official, your love for Miku can also be made official at the same time with new official Hatsune Miku themed marriage registration papers.

In a collaboration with Japan’s Marriage Registration Works, you can now buy designer marriage registration papers featuring gorgeous artwork of Hatsune Miku in a wedding gown, illustrated by KEI (full illustration here). There are two color options available, both costing 3900 Yen each: Loving Bride Blue, and Loving Bride Pink.

That’s not all that’s special with these designer papers! The “witness” field will receive a signature and seal from Crypton Future Media, the creators of Hatsune Miku. There’s also fields where you and your partner each can put your favorite song to be saved as a special memory. Lastly, any orders that have the numbers “3” or “9” in the order number will receive a special clear file with KEI’s illustration. Winning this is pure luck!

These forms are sadly available for purchase only within Japan, and it seems unlikely these marriage forms would be valid for use in other countries. But perhaps you can use these to “marry” Miku instead? (*´∇`*)ノ゛

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Via Hatsune Miku Blog

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