Aug 102015


We warned you! You could have prevented this! Now Mikudayo has attained the power of Winter, which she will no doubt utilize in her quest for world dominance. Starting today, she can now be preordered, and will be available until September 9th at 9:00 PM JST.

Similar to the original and Sakura Mikudayo nendoroids, Snow Mikudayo has just one faceplate with that blank, cold stare that pierces into your very soul. Her arsenal includes tuna sushi, a box of Snow Miku caramel candies, oden, and the popular berry parfait that was sold at the MIRAI.ST cafe in Sapporo.

Owning this fearsome winter creature will set you back 3200 Yen ($26 USD) at Goodsmile Company’s online shop, with possibly more options to arrive later (we’ll update this article if more appear). Snow Mikudayo is scheduled to invade homes starting this December.

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