Oct 212018

Less than a week to go until the Miku With You 2018 China Festival in Shanghai! We forgot to publish the official event goods prior to the Beijing and Chengdu shows, but we feel most overseas visitors will be attending the Shanghai event (we are as well!), so hopefully we’re not too late for most of you!

Here’s the description of all the items above, in order: Penlight with sleeve, Happi Coat with pin badges, metal keychain, 108 piece acrylic, puzzle, wallet case, charm, summer blanket, towel and rubber strap, T-shirt, storage cases (3 pack), rubber bracelets, framed picture (location exclusive), Beijing clear file, Chengdu clear file, Shanghai clear file, main visual art clear file, A2 poster, headband, framed picture (all Cryptonloids), desk calendar, table mats, acrylic stand, portable battery (10,000mAh), and a shopping bag.

Also available at the event is an officially licensed umbrella, featuring cute pixel-style artwork and a steel frame. It’s priced at 128 Yuan ($19 USD).

Another adorable piece of official merchandise to look for is the Hatsune Miku: Lunar Festival ver. plushie by GIFT. It will be available at Good Smile Company’s booth for 280 Yuan ($40 USD).

There’s a lot more to see from booths at the event besides what we’ve listed, so you’ll have to check them out in person! MIKU WITH YOU 2018’s last stop of the tour is in Shanghai on October 27th~28th. We’ll see you there!

Miku With You 2018 Official Site: http://www.scla.com.cn/events/hatsunemiku2018/
Umbrella detail page: http://you.163.com/item/detail?id=1690066
Plushie detail page: http://www.gift-gift.jp/nui/nui592.html

Oct 132018

The MIKU WITH YOU 2018 China Festival’s first stop in Beijing has come to a close! Official press release photos from the exhibition and concert events have been posted by the official Hatsune Miku Weibo. MIKU WITH YOU 2018 will also visit Chengdu on October 20th~21st, and Shanghai on October 27th~28th.

MIKU WITH YOU 2018 Official Page: http://www.scla.com.cn/events/hatsunemiku2018/

Exhibition Photos

The exhibition area featured a life-sized Hatsune Miku statue wearing the outfit from the main visual artwork drawn by SanmuYYB. A scale figure was also on display, and is now available for preorder. Various goods were on sale, and there were also additional booths and displays from event partners.

Concert Photos

Via Weibo (1 & 2)

Sep 232018

With just a few more weeks to go before the MIKU WITH YOU 2018 China Festival kicks off, some additional news regarding VIP bonuses and other event goods has been announced!

First up are the VIP ticket holder bonus T-shirts, with exclusive artwork for each of the 3 concert locations, Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. The shirts will be available to VIP ticket holders in either L or XXL sizes.

Next are the city-exclusive clear files, bead bands, and towel and buckle set! You will receive a free clear file along with your concert ticket, with the design featuring artwork specific for each city. Also announced for goods were the MIKU WITH YOU themed head band, and a towel and rubber buckle set. Pricing is not yet announced.

Lastly, some additional details were announced about the MIKU WITH YOU 2018 Happi Coat (the Chinese call it a “Concert Cloak”). The coat will feature 6 detachable pins like the one seen on Miku’s outfit from the event’s main visual art. It is suggested that fans could also swap these out for can badges of similar size to have fun customizing them!

MIKU WITH YOU 2018 will take place in Beijing October 13th~14th, Chengdu on October 20th~21st,, and Shanghai on October 27th~28th.

MIKU WITH YOU 2018 Official Site: http://www.scla.com.cn/events/hatsunemiku2018/

Via QQ and SCLA

Sep 202018

Good news for overseas Hatsune Miku fans wanting to attend the MIKU WITH YOU 2018 festival in China: Live event tickets are also being made available for the Beijing and Chengdu event locations! Previously, only Shanghai had tickets announced.

Tickets for Beijing are scheduled to go on sale at 12:00 PM on September 21st, China time, while tickets for the Chengdu location will go on sale at 1:00 PM on September 21st, China time.

If you missed ticket sales for Shanghai, or would like to visit more locations, now is your chance!

Beijing Live Event Tickets:
Chengdu Live Event Tickets:

MIKU WITH YOU 2018 Official Site: http://www.scla.com.cn/events/hatsunemiku2018/