Mar 062016

Reality? For some, it’s so last century in the music business

Hatsune Miku appearing in major news/media is always interesting to see, and we recently discovered a publication in a major Australia newspaper “The Australian”. Teased on the front page of the paper, the article occupies an entire page of the Arts section. The editorial was published March 1st, 2016.

Written by Matthew Sainsbury, the article makes observations and arguments on how virtual and augmented reality technologies are quickly affecting the way we consume live media, and how Hatsune Miku is helping lead the charge.

The article is viewable online via The Australian’s site, but seemingly requires a membership to be viewed. This seems bugged, however, as we were able to somehow bypass the block, but only once. Alternatively, we also have this photo of the paper article, thanks to @lovelyhayamin on twitter below (full resolution here).