Jan 142016

The winter just got a little more exciting with the Snow Miku news announcements today. The first of which is the announcement of Snow Mikudayo and Neru as guest DJs for the Beat Blizzard Live DJ event at the Snow Miku Festival. This will mark the second time that Mikudayo appears as a live DJ. She will appear at the 12:30 PM DJ live on February 6th, while Neru will appear at the 5:30 PM showing on the 6th, and 12:30 PM showing on the 7th.


Next up, the popular “Butsuka Runner feat. Hatsune Miku” mobile game by Crypton Future Media will be seeing a Snow Miku 2016 edition re-release on the iTunes and Android app stores on January 20th, JST.


Butsuka Runner is a “runner” type mobile game where the goal is to travel as far as you can without getting hit, and obtain as many points as possible. The app is free, although it’s unknown if it will be available internationally this time around. Be sure to check back for release updates!


Remember the previous Snow Miku x Daihatsu collaboration with the Mirai Cocoa? Snow Miku isn’t done yet! This year’s collaboration is with the Daihatsu Cast Activa. The initial release will start in the Hokkaido district beginning February 1st. More info and images should become available by that time.


A lot of tasty sweet treats with Snow Miku themes will become available at the MIRAI.ST Cafe in Sapporo beginning February 1st and until February 15th. These food items include Snow Miku Milk, dessert plate, parfait, soup plate and more! Visitors will also receive a free commemorative Snow Miku 2016 pin to remember their visit.


A third round of goods has been announced for the Snow Miku festival! The newly announced item,s include a Snow Miku 2016 themed jersey, a neck warmer, projector pen, blanket, coloring set, B2 size tapestry, Snow Miku 2016 card case sets, snowboard keychain, and a sticker sheet. Check all the listed goods here: http://snowmiku.com/2016/goods.html