Mar 152017

The Hatsune Miku anniversary mega collection album Vocalohistory has finally launched! To celebrate the launch, famous VocaloidP cosMo@暴走P has released a music video for his song “Ima made mo, Kono toki mo, Kore kara mo――”, featured on disk 4 of the album’s music collection.

Check out the song below! And you want to learn more about the album release, check our past article here.

Mar 012016

You know how every Hatsune Miku: Project Diva game to date has had that one “boss” song that is just too difficult to clear compared to the rest of the music set? Thanks to the introduction of the “medley” concept, it looks like Project Diva X will also be adding what has been dubbed the “ultimate medley”.

Scan from latest Famitsu magazine.

Preview from latest Famitsu magazine.

Called  “Shuukyoku no Medley ~Chouzetsu Gikou Bousou Kumikyoku”, the medley will have the “neutral” element, and was arranged by cosMo@BousouP himself (yes, the producer responsible for our mental and physical anguish with Project Diva over the years). It will include the following songs:

Modules accompanying the characters for this song, designed by Hidari, were also announced in this update:

  • Ultimate Miku
  • Ultimate Rin
  • Ultimate Len
  • Ultimate Luka
  • Ultimate Kaito
  • Ultimate Meiko

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X launches for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 24th, with the PlayStation 4 release due in Fall 2016. You can preorder the Japanese version on CDJapan!