Jul 062019

The first big news update for Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2019 in Osaka and Tokyo is finally here! This update details the first round of official goods, Creators Market participants, and workshop activities! Let’s get to them.

The first goods announced for the Official Goods booths include Happi coats for both Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, vinyl pouch, electric fan, and a sacosh.

Other planned exhibition goods include the Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2019 plushie from GIFT, a Magical Mirai 2019 themed ruck sack from SEGA, and a glass cloth assortment from Washin. There’s also gacha prizes available featuring miniature figures, rubber straps, and various can badges for collectors!

You can always check for the latest goods updates at the official site: https://magicalmirai.com/2019/goods.html

The KARENT Creators Market list of participating artists and producers has been announced! A total of 32 artist tables will be available at the Osaka venue, and 39 tables will be available at the Tokyo venue.

-= Osaka =- Open 10:00~4:00 Sat~Sun
A-1: Takahashi You, Manbou no Ane (8/10, 8/11)
A-2: monaca:factory (8/10, 8/11)
A-3: DIVELA (8/10, 8/11)
A-4: keisei (8/10, 8,11)
A-5: Zekkai, Minazuki (8/10, 8/11)
A-6: Utsu-P (8/10, 8/11)
A-7: Agoaniki (8/10, 8/11)
A-8: takaP (8/10, 8/11)
A-9: Ako, Aoyama Wasabi (8/10, 8,11)
A-10: Liz. (8/10, 8/11)
A-11: *Luna (8/10, 8/11)
A-12: Zig, Loin, Harumaki Gohan, Yunosuke (8/10)
A-13: KurageP (8/10)

B-1: Re:nG (8/10, 8/11)
B-2: MinusP, JesusP (8/10, 8/11)
B-3: CrystalP, KID P, Ichimura, ZankyouP (8/10, 8/11)
B-4: RIO, KOW, AIRA (8/10, 8/11)
B-5: SignalP (8/10, 8/11)
B-6: OwataP (8/10, 8/11)
B-7: XenonP, Ne-chansan (8/10, 8/11)
B-8: HikutsuP, Kirisame (8/10, 8/11)
B-9: Lunachu (8/10, 8/11)
B-10: nyanyannya (8/10)

C-1: MikitoP, Teniwoha, emon(Tes.) (8/10, 8/11)
C-2: Aoto Kei, Poi, goroku (8/10, 8/11)
C-3: HarryP, koyori, Heavenz, yukkedoluce, ZenryakuP, YoP (8/10, 8/11)
C-4: Sakurai, Kimura (8/10, 8/11)

-= TOKYO =- Open 12:00~6:00 Fri, 10:00~4:00 Sat~Sun
A-1: KurageP, Cherico, yamada (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
A-2: Nejishiki, cisco, Armida, NaNaMiL (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
A-3: HarryP, koyori, Heavenz, yukkedoluce, ZenryakuP, YoP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
A-4: Takahashi You, Manbou no Ane (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
A-5: buzzG (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
A-6: MikitoP, Teniwoha, emon(Tes.) (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)

B-1: DIVELA (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-2: keisei (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-3: monaca:factory (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-4: ORYO, Ohagi (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-5: Aoto Kei, Poi, goroku (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-6: narry (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-7: Ako, Aoyama Wasabi (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
B-8: Sakurai, Kimura (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)

C-1: EasyPop, STEP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
C-2: regulus (8/30, 8/31)
C-2: ATOLS (9/1)
C-3: HikutsuP, Kirisame (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
C-4: takaP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
C-5: XenonP, Ne-chansan (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
C-6: Noboru↑ (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
C-7: Re:nG (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
C-8: YM, Yoetsu, Wachiko, hy (8/31, 9/1)
C-9: Utsu-P (8/31, 9/1)

D-1: BIGHEAD (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
D-2: OwataP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
D-3: LiveP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
D-4: CrystalP, KID P, Ichimura, ZankyouP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
D-5: SignalP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
D-6: MinusP, JesusP (8/30, 8/31, 9/1)
D-7: hayakawaP (8/31, 9/1)
D-8: Aether_Eru, Noah, Yuu (8/31)
D-8: mothy (9/1)

E-1: Kou, R Sound Design (8/31, 9/1)
E-2: Ichinose Lupo (8/31, 9/1)
E-3: AmamoriP (8/31, 9/1)
E-4: Ann-MeltsP (8/31, 9/1)
E-5: LITCHI (8/31, 9/1)
E-6: Liz. (8/31, 9/1)
E-7: Lunachu (8/31, 9/1)
E-8: MinaruP (8/31, 9/1)
E-9: coha (8/31)
E-9: Gumin, Hachiwake (9/1)
E-10: ryuryu (8/31)
E-10: sea_urchinP (9/1)

F-1: *Luna (8/31, 9/1)
F-2: Shima, Hirata Yoshihisa (8/31, 9/1)
F-3: Zekkai, Minazuki (8/31, 9/1)
F-4: TOKOTOKO (8/31, 9/1)
F-5: yama△, HitoshizukuP (8/31, 9/1)
F-6: forute (8/31, 9/1)
F-7: Mwk, Osanzi (8/31)
F-8: nyanyannya (8/31)

Lastly, there’s the workshop activities! Over at the Osaka Intex #4 building in Osaka, and the Makuhari Messe Hall #3 in Tokyo, You can enjoy creating your own glitter reflector (1,000 Yen), face painting (free), and fan coloring (free)! You can join at the following times:

-= Osaka =-
August 9th: 12:00~6:00
August 10th: 9:00~6:00
August 11th: 9:00~6:00

-= Tokyo =-
August 30th: 12:00~6:30
August 31st: 9:30~6:30
September 1st: 9:30~6:30

Magical Mirai 2019 Official Site: https://magicalmirai.com/2019/

Jan 202018

This is likely the last major Snow Miku 2018 news update before the event officially begins in 2 weeks, so here’s what’s new!

Sapporo Factory Hall Exhibitor Update

Our last news update still had 3 pending booths for the exhibition at the Sapporo Factory Hall, but now we have info on those booths!

Booth #3: KarenT Presents Creators Market
After the success at Magical Mirai 2016 and 2017, the KarenT Creators Market is coming to Snow Miku 2018! Albit quite downsized due to the Sapporo Factory Hall’s much smaller size. You can meet a total of 6 well-known Vocaloid music artists on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th!

Saturday (Feb 10th)
Keisei – 10:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM
daniwell – 11:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM
BIGHEAD – 12:30 PM ~ 6:00 PM

Sunday (Feb 11th)
Harumaki Gohan – 10:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM, 3:30 PM ~ 6:00 PM
Zig – 10:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM
TOKOTOKO – 2:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM

Booth #6: EZOCA
The popular point card EZOCA is collaborating with Snow Miku again this year!

Booth #10: SEGA Corporation Interactive
SEGA will be displaying a Snow Miku edition Jumbo Fuwafuwa plushie, as well as taking orders!

Chimney Square Snow Miku Daihatsu Exhibition
For the 4th year in a row, there will be a gathering of Snow Miku Daihatsu cars on display at Chimney Square, near Sapporo Factory Atrium. Additionally, the new Hatsune Miku Daihatsu Move Canbus will be showcased! *Image below is from Snow Miku 2017.

Official Goods

Another major Official Goods update has been posted, this time adding an additional 20 items. Some items are found at amusement centers as prizes, some at Snow Miku Sky Town, and others will be sold at participating venues or exhibition locations. Here’s what’s added: 3D Acrylic stand, a giant pillow, a blanket, acrylic key holder, can badges, microfiber cloths, premium cookie can, Snow Miku Dollfie Dream Snow Miku 2018 outfit, Japanese playing cards, bookmark, notebook, Rabbit Yukine plushie, rubber strap set, clear file sets, sunglasses, travel stickers, and metal charms.

Go check the full goods list on the official page for images and pricing! → http://snowmiku.com/2018/goods.html

Jul 132017

The list of participating Vocaloid producers for this year’s Creators Market at Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai has been announced, with no-less than 39 different producers! This makes the number of participating artists nearly 4X larger than last year. The Creators Market is a dedicated section of the Magical Mirai exhibition where you can meet various Vocaloid producers in-person and show your support by buying their albums from their own tables!

Here’s the list of participating artists, and the dates they will be present:

Be sure to stop by and say hello to your favorite producers at the event! Additional info via official Magical Mirai website: http://magicalmirai.com/2017/ex_market.html

May 122017

Due to the incredible feedback from last year’s Magical Mirai, it has been announced that the “Creators Market” section of the exhibition will be making its return, and bigger than ever!

Last year’s Creators Market area of the exhibition allowed fans to buy music directly from creators featured on Crypton’s KarenT music label. This gave the fans a chance to meet producers such as ATOLS, Yunosuke, Misumi, risou and more in person!

Magical Mirai’s announcement says they plan to expand the Creators Market area to introduce even more producers. Mitchie M seemed a little excited and also shared the news, so perhaps we can expect him to make an appearance at the event?

Magical Mirai Creators Market page: http://magicalmirai.com/2017/ex_market.html