Mar 052019

A surprising collaboration between Hatsune Miku and Digimon Adventure for its 20th anniversary has been announced today! A collaborative illustration was released, drawn by Atsuya Uki, character designer for “Digimon Adventure tri”, and jacket designer of the ODDS&ENDS album by Supercell. Donning a pair of goggles and a Digivice, Miku fits perfectly with the Digimon art style. It is truly gorgeous!

There’s also a special message from Atsuya Uki!

“Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, “Digimon Adventures”!
I was asked to have Hatsune Miku and Agemon to reference the “Children suspended in the sky”, one of the key visuals in the Digimon “tri.” anime.
In addition, I included Taichi’s goggles, as well as a Digivice, a symbolic bond with the Digimon.
Finally, butterflies are seen fluttering about, in remembrance of the song, “Butter-Fly”.
Their wings are adorned with a faint Digimon-chic pattern.”
– Translated by Loserbait

Additional details of this collaboration will be announced later, so stay tuned!

Via Digimon Adventure and Hatsune Miku Twitter