Mar 152017

March 9th was “Miku Day”, a day where Miku fans from around the world show their thanks and appreciation to Hatsune Miku. For that day, our friends at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi have launched a prize giveaway where 9 lucky fans can win some cute prizes. Simply make a video of yourself singing a Hatsune Miku song, and send it to [email protected] along with your name and address. Here’s what you can win!

1st Prize for Three Winners
1 Hatsune Miku Nendoroid petit 6 sets
1 Hatsune Miku Original Winter Clothes Figure
1 Miracle Henkei Hatsune Miku x Lodi

2nd Prize for Three Winners
Heart Miku Key Chain

3rd Prize for Three Winners
Limited Edition Miku Yuki Matsuri Key Chain

The entry deadline is April 30th. Good luck!

Mar 082017

Happy Miku Day (3/9), everyone! In celebration of this day, Sorasu Software has rereleased the hugely popular Hatsune Miku AR camera app Mikuture to the iOS and Google Play app stores with a large version 3.0 update!

What’s New in Version 3.0.0

Update UI.
Update character.
Update shadow.
Add rotation switch button.
Add hand controller.
Add bloom & chroma key effect.
Add Load image front, back offset.
Corresponds to alpha images.

These updates allow for even more control and realistic lighting and shadow effects, and a much wider character selection for your pictures! Download it for free below on the iOS and Google Play app stores, and happy shooting! And be sure to follow the app’s usage guidelines.

Mikuture for iOS:
Mikuture for Android: (Might still say “beta”, please allow some time for Google Play to update the download page)

Mar 242016


How would you celebrate 3/9 day (Miku Day)? Some Hatsune Miku fans in South Korea came up with the idea to show their love by purchasing some advertising space at the Seoul Sadang subway station.

25 fans pitched in for the fundraiser that began in January 2016, and raised a total of 2,766,977 South Korean Won, or around $2400 USD. This was used to commission the artwork (seen above) from the illustrator BTRP, and purchase the billboard advertising space from February 22nd until March 22nd. The artwork is available on Pixiv in high resolution, so it can be used as a wallpaper!

March 9th is a popular Hatsune Miku appreciation day among fans, since “39” can sound like “Miku” when mixing old and new forms of Japanese. It also sounds like “Thank You”, which is where the “appreciation” part comes into play. So how did you celebrate your 39’s day?

Via Ruliweb and Kotaku