Apr 262019

A new Hatsune Miku model has been released for MikuMikuDance, created by Muubu! This extra-cute model has been developed by Muubu for over a year, and is now being released for download as a trial (unfinished) version for the first time.

Muubu notes that there’s several known issues with the model, which will be addressed in future updates. The model is available for download from Piapro, and follows the Piapro usage license. We can’t wait to see what animations will come out featuring this adorable model!

Model download: https://piapro.jp/t/2h56

MikuMikuDance is a 3D choreography tool, available for download here: https://sites.google.com/view/evpvp/

Sep 292018

After a 2 year development, and rework after changing developers, and MANY months of beta testing, the long-awaited Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal mobile game from China has finally been released to the open public! The mobile rhythm game featuring Hatsune Miku and the other Cryptonloids is available for Android and iOS. And yes, it’s playable from anywhere around the world!

Dreamy Vocal Official Site: http://miku.qq.com/main.html

Game Trailer

To download the game, just be sure to keep the main website in Chinese language (do not let it auto-translate) on your mobile device, and click the prompt at the top of the page to start the download. If you’re on PC, you can download the files via the links on the right side of the main website. Android users can simply download and install, while iOS users will need to use a Chinese app store account.

After that, you just need to login once using either the WeChat app, or the QQ messenger app. Then you can enjoy the game! Keep in mind the game of course has a Chinese-only interface, but don’t let that stop you from exploring and having fun! The game is simple enough to figure out, and a lot of fun to play!

Also released with this update is the song “越过海岸线” composed by kz and Mes. This is also the secret “new song” leaked for the MIKU WITH YOU 2018 setlist for Beijing, and will be played live in concert! The main visual art for this release was created by the illustrator TID.

Game launch theme song by kz and Mes.

Sep 132018

The creator of Nyan Cat song, DaniwellP, greatly enjoys creating his series of addicting interactive web apps, and we’re excited to say that the latest addition is now out! Titled “MIKUWARP”, the swiping web app allows you to generate random Miku sounds and alter the visuals around her, a “warp” so to speak. Check out the trailer below, and the web app on his site. Don’t forget to go full screen! → https://aidn.jp/mikuwarp/

Admin Edit: If you’re playing this webapp on mobile, be sure to try tilting your phone left and right for additional DJ-like effects!

Sep 052018

Starting on September 4th 2018, Crypton Future Media made a new app called “Hatsune Miku Talk” available on Google Assistant! This means the app can work with any Google Home device, Android devices running OS version 5.0 or higher, and even iOS 10.0 or higher. All you need is the “Google” app to activate the Google Assistant, and adjust some settings to allow Japanese speech on your device.

The app functions very similarly to the “Hey Miku!” app on Alexa, but without the need for a Japanese Google account. Hatsune Miku is able to converse and reply to basic phrases, such as “Utatte” (sing), “Ohayou” (good morning), “Hajimemashite” (nice to meet you), and “Mata Ne” (see you later). Accompanying Miku’s voice in the app are cute illustrations by “7:24“.

How to activate outside Japan
You need to launch the “Google” app on your Android or iOS device, then go to the “Settings” menu. From here, there is an additional “Settings” option, as well as “Search Region” and “Search Language”. Under “Settings”, go to “preferences” and “Assistant Languages” and enable Japanese language.

Finally, enable “Japanese” for the “Search Region” and “Search Language” sub-menus, then reboot your device. Enabling “Japanese” on the “Google voice typing” keyboard may also be necessary. EDIT: It’s possible there may be some regions blocked, but we’ve tested from Japan and U.S. regions so far.

Now just ask Google Assistant “Hatsune Miku Touku Ni Tsunaide” to activate the app, or just type 「初音ミクトークにつないで」. Enjoy! Below is a video of me testing out the new app.

Via Hatsune Miku Blog

Aug 222018

Hatsune Miku will be making her way into the popular idol-style rhythm game “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party” this August 24th. The collaboration will be bringing three Vocaloids songs to the game (one of which is a Kagamine Rin song) fully covered by the all-girls bands from the “BanG Dream! franchise. The three collaboration songs are:

Also released today are the gameplay videos for two of the three collaboration songs now available on Youtube, with “Romeo and Cinderella” to follow soon. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party was published by Bushiroad and Craft Egg. The mobile game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/th/app/bang-dream-girls-band-party/id1335529760
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bushiroad.en.bangdreamgbp

“Romeo to Cinderella” by Poppin’ Party gameplay video

Via BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x Hatsune Miku official site