Dec 192017

There isn’t really much that can be said outside the article title! Plans of Miku Expo events in 2018 for the U.S. and Mexico have been teased on the official Hatsune Miku social media outlets, telling us to stay tuned. So stay tuned we shall!

Apr 292016


Well, that didn’t take long! Just a couple days after SEGA’s announcement of the Japanese version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD (PS4) being pushed forward in launch to August 25th, SEGA of America has announced the North American versions will also be pushed forward with a new launch date of August 30th, 2016!

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions for the West will launch at the same time, and also with the same name of “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X” for both versions (dropping the “HD” moniker from the Japanese PS4 version). And just like the Japanese version, the Western release will be issued a free update to support PlayStation VR in Live Edit Mode after it has launched.

The game will retail for $39.99 (CA $54.99) for the PS Vita version, and $49.99 (CA $64.99) for the PlayStation 4 version. They’re now available for preorder from various game retailers! SEGA is also bundling a preorder bonus of a free fabric pouch decorated with the 5 aura symbols from the game!

A new trailer featuring footage from the PlayStation 4 version is now available, showing off even more game details than the previous Japanese trailer. Check it out below! There is no information on a European release at this time.

Apr 262016

Originally up for preorder in 2013, the original Hatsune Miku Dollfie Dream from Volks stood as the pinnacle of collectables for many Miku fans (that is, until the Snow Miku Dollfie Dream and Daihatsu car collabs came along). While many were able to welcome her into their homes, many others weren’t so lucky. But those fans will soon have another chance!

First revealed by VOLKS USA in the program booklet at Miku Expo in Seattle, and more recently on their official Facebook page, it has been confirmed that there will be a limited re-release of the original Hatsune Miku Dollfie Dream beginning May 6th 2016, in collaboration with the Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 North America tour. It seems they plan to keep orders open until June 10th 2016, or at least until limits are reached.

Photo via @madpagan11.

Photo via @madpagan11.

Also planned is a re-release of her various accessories, such as replacement wigs, alternate hands, full body suits, etc. However, it’s unknown what the regional availability will be for orders. VOLKS asks interested fans to watch for future announcements on their social media or VOLKS USA pages for further updates.

Apr 242016


The first concert of Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 in North America has reached its conclusion in Seattle, Washington on April 23rd! Thanks to this event, we have a glimpse at what appears to be the concert setlist for the North American tour. So this is your obligatory spoiler warning before proceeding!

The setlist is very similar to the Miku Expo Japan setlist, but there are some changes. Click the spoiler before for the setlist preview.

Miku Expo 2016 North America Tour – Seattle, Washington April 23rd Setlist
World is Mine feat. Hatsune Miku (by ryo/supercell)
Two-Faced Lovers feat. Hatsune Miku (by Wowaka)
γƒγƒ­γƒΌγ‚·γ‚’γƒˆγƒ«γ“γ‚“γ«γ‘γ― (Hello Seattle)
γ‚γ„γ‚γ‚€εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚― (I’m Hatsune Miku)
さんきゅーはっばぐっとタむム (Thank you and have a good time)
Unhappy Refrain feat. Hatsune Miku (by Wowaka)
World’s End Dancehall feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka (by Wowaka)
Magnet feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka (by Minato)
Weekender Girl feat. Hatsune Miku (by HachioujiP and kz(livetune))
Deep Sea Girl feat. Hatsune Miku (by Yuuyu)
Glass Wall feat. Hatsune Miku (by Guitar Hero Piano Zero)
Snowman feat. Kaito (by halyosy)
Change Me feat. Meiko (by shu-t)
Tokyo Teddy Bear feat. Kagamine Rin (by neru)
Remote Control feat. Kagamine Rin & Len (by JesusP)
Love is War feat. Hatsune Miku (by ryo/supercell)
Last Night, Good Night feat. Hatsune Miku (by kz(livetune))
Ten Thousand Stars feat. Hatsune Miku (by CircusP)
Just be Friends feat. Megurine Luka (by Dixie Flatline)
Secret Police feat. Hatsune Miku (by BuriruP)
Sekiranun Graffiti feat. Hatsune Miku (by ryo and Dixie Flatline)
Tell Your World feat. Hatsune Miku (by kz(livetune))
Blue star feat. Hatsune Miku (by HachioujiP)
Encore 1
Sharing the World feat. Hatsune Miku (by BIGHEAD)
Encore 2
39 feat. Hatsune Miku (by Deco*27 and Sasakure.UK)
Encore 3
Star Fragment feat. Hatsune Miku (by Eiji Hirasawa)

Apr 132016

If you missed last night’s official announcement, the list of goods that will be available at the Miku Expo 2016’s North America locations is now listed on the official tour site! T-shirts, jackets, bags, posters, charms and more are on the list, although this is only the goods offered by the Miku Expo staff. You can likely expect more offered through other event partners!