Sep 182016


Missed out on some of the official Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai goodies while at the event, or never managed to make it to Japan? You may find what you’re looking for in the newly opened official shop, offering some of the goods found only at Magical Mirai.

Online store sample images

Online store sample images

Shirts, bags, penlight holders, flags, badge holders, dog tags, towels, guidebooks and more are all available on the overseas goods store. The site auto-directs based on your region, so it should automatically point to the correct store page for your country. Just don’t go too crazy!

Official Store Link:

All orders will have a 1,000 Yen processing fee, along with the EMS shipping fee. Also note all shirts are measured in Japanese sizes, and are offset by 1 size compared to U.S. sizes (Japanese XL is U.S. Large, Japanese Medium is U.S. Small, etc).

Feb 132016


Been hoping to grab some of the Snow Miku 2016 gear up for sale at this year’s Snow Miku festival, but couldn’t make the trip to Sapporo? No worries! The goods that didn’t quite manage to sell out at this year’s events are now available for overseas purchase from the official online goods store!

Shop link:

Items available so far (list may be updated at any time):

SNOW MIKU 2016 Shopping bag
SNOW MIKU 2016 Miniature Banner-Flag
SNOW MIKU 2016 Hand Towel set
SNOW MIKU 2016 Sticker Sheet
SNOW MIKU 2016 Card Case (with card)
SNOW MIKU 2016 Selfie Stick
SNOW MIKU 2016 Silicon Band set
Beat Blizzard SNOW MIKU Hoodie
Beat Blizzard SNOW MIKU Clear Poster