Nov 082015

Pixiv’s new recent Hatsune Miku art trend has been started once again by Piyo, the same Korean illustrator that came up with the popular “Marine Miku” design concept. The new design goes by the name “Winter Night Miku”, and styles Miku’s hair with silver and blue hues (similar to Snow Miku), and an outfit with a night sky theme showing the star constellations. It beautifully captures the essence of a peaceful winter night.

Plenty of other illustrators loved the design, and it has started picking up interest on Pixiv with 39 fan artworks (and counting), with more on twitter. You can check out all the illustrations created so far on Pixiv using the “冬の夜ミク” tag. We’ve gathered a gallery of our favorite fanart below, check them out! Are you a fan of the “Winter Night Miku” design?

Updated 4/14/2016 to replace deleted artworks with newer submissions.

Illustration by Re:Rin

Illustration by Goodman

Illustration by Lpip

Illustration by Omu

Illustration by Mery (featuring @inhye162’s “Shooter Miku“)

Illustration by 雲村コンバネ

Illustration by はきゅ

Illustration by Anxii