Jul 142015

A recent resurfacing Hatsune Miku art trend on Pixiv features a design called “Marine Miku”, which dresses Miku in a cute “Marine-look” sailor(?) outfit. The design itself is not new, and early concepts date as far back as 2013. But recent illustrations from artists in South Korea have caused a resurgance of interest in Miku with this outfit. (Maybe the hot Summer is to blame?)

The trend kicked off thanks to the illustrator named Piyo, who drew this illustration titled “Marin Miku”, then followed up with this concept design on twitter:

Since then, more illustrators have followed. Of course, we’ll take any excuse we can get for illustrators to draw more cute/beautiful illustrations of Miku, and a sailor-looking outfit fits the season rather well. We wonder if this will catch on and become the next “Bottle Miku“, in terms of popularity. Below is a short gallery of illustrations, and you can view them all with the “マリンミク” tag on Pixiv.

マリンミク by Lpip on pixiv

マリンミク by LI.B on pixiv

無題 by LUNCH on pixiv

マリンミク by 如月ちょび on pixiv

マリンミク by ヒズリン on pixiv

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