Mar 022013

An interesting new creative topic has been sweeping Pixiv over the past few weeks, and it is indeed a very unusual one. In all my years of observing the Vocaloid community, I’ve never seen this happen before.

The concept for this new illustrative idea isn’t too difficult. You simply draw Hatsune Miku in a school outfit with water in place of her normal hair, usually with a fish swimming around inside of it. The result is the new fan-made design known as “Bottle Miku”.

I first took notice of the phenomenon on February 14th, just 7 days after the first image that was submitted to Pixiv by the user “PAR。“. At this point, there was already over 9 pages (180 images) of new fan creations that were inspired by his illustration. This growth rate has quickly accelerated over the past few weeks. As I’m writing this article, the illustration count has just exceeded 41 pages (820 images) after only 20 days!

The new idea has sparked a wave of illustrative creation on a scale that I’ve never seen before with any past designs. With more artists taking notice and no signs of an end in sight, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before the concept even receives official recognition.

While the concept may seem somewhat odd to some, many of the artworks are actually quite stunning and beautiful. Take a look at the image shown above, and the two linked below as examples. If you’re interested in seeing more, you can browse all related images with this link: Botttle Miku on Pixiv.

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