Nov 102016


Have you been enjoying the first stage release of Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live on PlayStation VR? Then today’s news of the 2nd stage release should get you excited for more! The 2nd stage is priced at $14.99 on the PlayStation Network, and contains the following songs:

  • shake it! – by emon
  • Quirky Medley – Giga-Remix – by Giga-P/Reol, Mikito P
  • Hello, Worker – by KEI
  • Cat Food – by doriko
  • Tell Your World – by livetune
  • Time Machine – by 1640mP
  • Special encore performance of LOL -lots of laugh- by mikumix

The 3rd and final stage will be released this December! If you haven’t tried the first stage yet, you may consider the season pass, granting access to all 3 stages for $39.99. Or if you just wanna try it out, there’s also a free demo available on the PSN. Check he official launch trailer below if you missed it!

Aug 302016

Just in time for Hatsune Miku’s 9th anniversary, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X’s overseas launch is here! The latest entry to the Project Diva series is available in physical and digital format in the Americas for the PS Vita and PlayStation 4, and digital only for the European region on PS Vita and PS4.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X features include:
  • Digital Singers Take Over the Living Room – Produce live concerts accessorized to the max with unlockable costumes, songs, and stages to create custom live concerts starring Hatsune Miku and her friends!
  • 30+ Miku Tracks – An assortment of new and classic Hatsune Miku music will be yours to jam to! The songs are split into Auras and have different difficulties and challenges to complete. Project DIVA Xincludes new arrangements and medleys by beloved artists as well.
  • Cloud Requests – Go to five different Clouds with Miku and her friends, and explore them and the challenges within. But naturally, selecting the right modules and accessories are key to fulfilling the Requests. There’s also Free Play, which offers the traditional experience for Project DIVA games.
  • Interact with Miku and Her Friends – Things start to get very meta for the digital singer as she and her friends discover what it’s like to live in the world of Project DIVA X – players can interact with the characters.

View the official launch trailer below! We also wrote a review, available here:

Official Project Diva X Website:

Jun 262016

What else happened during the week of June 20th that we missed? Here’s a quick wrap-up.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone has finally launched for the PlayStation 4! The release on June 22nd was met with much excitement, and there has been many, many screenshot shares via twitter and PS4share. You can find some of these on twitter under #DIVAFT, but most are not tagged in easy ways to find. With so many fans now given the freedom to customize characters in the game in any way they see fit, you can imagine some have gone a little crazy.

But as the tweet from @Quick_first above says, we’d like to say “Thank You” to SEGA for bringing the game to PS4. It’s available only via the Japanese PlayStation Network! The official trailer video can be seen below.

The previously teased WeGo X Frederator X Hatsune Miku figure has been confirmed for overseas sale exclusively at Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles! She’ll be available only via the Good Smile Company booth. Anime Expo will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between July 1st and 4th.

After the long wait, preorders of the Snow Miku Dollfie Dream have finally begun their journey to their new homes. Preorders began in February of 2015, so some have been waiting as long 16 months(!) to finally have her. Volks also gave some useful advice on their blog explaining that it’s a good idea to keep the box the wig comes in, as it’s useful for keeping it safe when being stored.

How many of you have reserved your own? Let us know!

Jun 032016

61gNHepHNtL._SL1000_If you were hoping for another special Hatsune Miku controller to accompany the release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X on the PlayStation 4, Hori will be releasing one at the same time as the Japanese game launch on August 25th!

To match the PS4 controls, this “mini” controller comes equipped with both a touch pad as well as analog sticks (previous PS3 edition controllers had only one or the other). The controller is designed specifically for those who want to enjoy the Diva series with more of an “arcade” feel. It is also speculated that this controller should work with the upcoming release of Project Diva Future Tone on PS4.

The controller retails for 12,980 Yen (tax excluded), and is available for preorder on Amazon Japan with global shipping! Grab it from here →

Via hokanko-alt

Apr 292016


Well, that didn’t take long! Just a couple days after SEGA’s announcement of the Japanese version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD (PS4) being pushed forward in launch to August 25th, SEGA of America has announced the North American versions will also be pushed forward with a new launch date of August 30th, 2016!

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions for the West will launch at the same time, and also with the same name of “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X” for both versions (dropping the “HD” moniker from the Japanese PS4 version). And just like the Japanese version, the Western release will be issued a free update to support PlayStation VR in Live Edit Mode after it has launched.

The game will retail for $39.99 (CA $54.99) for the PS Vita version, and $49.99 (CA $64.99) for the PlayStation 4 version. They’re now available for preorder from various game retailers! SEGA is also bundling a preorder bonus of a free fabric pouch decorated with the 5 aura symbols from the game!

A new trailer featuring footage from the PlayStation 4 version is now available, showing off even more game details than the previous Japanese trailer. Check it out below! There is no information on a European release at this time.