Aug 072015

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The popular manufacturer of Hatsune Miku plushies, GIFT, has announced three more plushies for its lineup: Hatsune Miku V3, Racing Miku 2015, and Shiteyan’yo! Online web orders of these plushies are scheduled to open at a later date, but early attendees of upcoming events can get one in advance, although quantities will be limited! Miku V3 and Racing Miku 2015 will both be priced at 3500 yen, while Shiteyan’yo will be priced at 1700 Yen.

Attendees of Comic Market 88 (August 14~16) can grab a Racing Miku 2015 plushie with an included pin accessory. For those attending Magical Mirai 2015 (September 4~6), you will be able to obtain all 3 plushies if you’re fast enough. For the rest of us, online orders are expected to open September 11th, and end on September 24th. Orders will be available via GIFT’s online web store (Japan-only), and other international online retailers (we’ll follow up with an update at that time).

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