Nov 252010

I know this is coming a tad late, but I still wanted to share with everyone in case anyone missed this wondrous announcement: Miku is getting a ‘singing in English’ version! That is correct, soon everyone all around the world will be able to create English Miku goodness, although it had not been entirely impossible before…

However, opinion is split in this regard. This new version should feature an entirely different voicebank for Miku. With almost no information to what is planned and in knowledge of how well the Japanese speak English generally, some fans are uneasy. Only time will tell if their worries are justified. 

In October at the New York Anime Festival, Crypton Future Media Inc. stated that if Miku’s official Facebook fanpage receives 39390 likes, they will release said English version. The wierd number is explained by the two ways the digits 3 and 9 can be pronounced in Japanese: San and Kyuu as well as Mi and Ku. Obviously, something as easy as clicking the ‘like’ button on facebook was no hurdle for Miku’s fan community, the 39390 was broken in no time…

On this occassion I would like to refer everyone to the mentioned Facebook fanpage and suggest them to become a Fan for Miku’s support, if one has not already, of course. For people who don’t posses something like a Facebook account or for those who might have never heard of ‘Facebook’, which I doubt are many, creating one is as easy as clicking this link, putting in your desired name and your e-mail address and pressing the big ‘Sign Up’ button.

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