Jul 142012

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How many of you managed to stay up last night and watch the live Voca Nico Night performance on Nicovideo last night? Quite an event, right? It was an awesome way for them to kick off the start of a 7 week event called “Joypolis”. There they will be holding regular small live performance events, as well as an area with playable copies of Project Diva F well before the game is even set to launch.

The building will divide the action into three sections so that each attraction goes undisturbed. Mini concerts will take place on floor 2 a couple times a day for 15 minutes intervals. The featured songs will be “Weekender Girl”, “Odds & Ends”, and “Time Machine”. The third floor is where the Project Diva F gaming sessions take place.

The event is set to run until September 2nd. To view the site about the event, click the banner above. It’s in Japanese of course, but there’s something interesting in the bottom image. Is that another life-sized Hatsune Miku figurine I see, or the old one from Sapporo earlier this year?


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