May 022016

Getting back into the swing of sharing Hatsune Miku’s notable songs, this is a list of the top 10 Hatsune Miku songs by viewer popularity, uploaded during the month of April 2016! Which ones are your favorites? Did you have any favorites from April that didn’t make the list? Share them in the comments below!

#1: Alien Alien by Nayutan Hoshibito feat. Hatsune Miku

#2: Joumon Explosion Girl by rerulili feat. Hatsune Miku & Gumi

#3: Hisui no Machi by mer feat. Hatsune Miku

#4: Tomorrow by HachioujiP feat. Hatsune Miku

#5: Last Cherry Blossoms by 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku

#6: Eye Liar by 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku

#7: Tokyo Ballet by Croissant Chicago feat. Hatsune Miku

#8: End Roll ni Dokuro wa Saku by Summer Gratz feat. Hatsune Miku

#9: Amebyoushin by Aoto Kei feat. Hatsune Miku

#10: RED STAR by Umetora feat. Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Gumi, IA and Kagamine Rin

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