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Starting today, August 28th, international preorders for the Hatsune Miku Dollfie Dream by VOLKS are now open. Preorders will remain open until December 1st, and there are several order options available for North American and international residents.

For those living within the United States, Canada or Mexico, you can choose to place your orders via the VOLKS USA store. The prices through the USA store are fixed, and will not change. This method gives you an option to pay the amount of the order in full ($682 per doll, no limit), or make a downpayment ($282 per doll, no limit) to reserve your order.

Alternatively, Noth American and international residents can choose to place their orders via the international VOLKS online store. The price is set at 65,100 Yen ($663) per doll. While there is a limit of a max of 4 orders per household, there is no required downpayment for the order. This method may be easier for those who need time to save for their order. However, this method is subjected to exchange rate changes.

Also available for order during the same time period is an optional costume based on the popular song Senbonkzaura. The costume set includes a hat, kimono, sarashi (inner bust wrap), gloves, skirt with suspender belt, thigh-high socks, boots, wig, and animetic eyes.

The outfit can also be ordered from the VOLKS USA store in full payment ($198 per set, no limit) or a downpayment ($98, no limit). Alternatively, orders can be placed from the international VOLKS store for no downpayment, but with a limit of 10 orders per household. The full costume image gallery can be seen from the official product page. Details for the doll itself can be found from the product info page here.

Orders for both items will close on December 1st, and are expected to ship sometime in Fall 2014.

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