Dec 242012


Yep, you read the title correctly: SEGA has opened up a poll to international players of their Project Diva series of games to vote on the song that they would like remade for Project Diva F on Vita and PS3. By “remake”, they mean that they will take songs used in one of the previous three Project Diva games for PSP and create all new PVs with them.

The poll has opened starting today, and will run until January 15th. There are some rules to this poll, so be sure to read very carefully:

• Pick ONE song from the available list of the three previous games. If you are unsure of the names in Japanese, you can find out by using the game track lists from here, here and here.
• You may vote every day, but only once per day.
• SEGA will then count the votes, and decide when and how the PVs will be created at a later date.

To cast your vote, simply go to the “Project Diva featured songs election” voting page. Then choose the song you would like remade from the list. At the bottom, you are required to fill out several fields. This is very important, because we want SEGA to know where their fans are located!

Fill out the fields like so…

Once you are finished, submit your vote! Don’t forget to bookmark the page and return to vote again every day until January 15th. So… Which song do you want to see returned to the series?

Source: SGCafe.

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