Jul 272019

SEGA has released the finalized version artwork of the winning Hatsune Miku prize figure design from their recently finished contest! The grand prize artwork by Heiwa has been redrawn by the famous Hatsune Miku illustrator KEI, and this illustration will be used as the reference design for the upcoming prize figure.

The costume illustrated by Heiwa features a cute outfit with heart and ribbon accents, and we can’t wait to see it in figure form! SEGA has announced that the figure will be previewed at the 2019 Summer Wonder Festival, and we’ll be sure to share that when details are made public.

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention the secondary prize winners in the costume contest! The 4 artists that had their art chosen as honorable mentions were Ane kawa, seica, Asagao minoru and ππ. Their amazing designs will be featured on acrylic stands, which are also expected to make an appearance soon. Stay tuned!

Via SEGA and @cfm_miku

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