Mar 192015

A recent collaboration announcement between YAMAHA and Crypton Future Media has resulted in a rather surprising, yet useful tool for Vocaloid media creators: The AG03-MIKU webcasting audio mixer. To put it simply, the AG03-MIKU is exactly like the original AG03 mixer in terms of specifications and price (roughly $133 USD), but offers extras to entice Miku fans to pick it over the original.

The obvious difference is the color design, with the charcoal grey patterns being swapped out for a “Miku Green” look, complete wth an illustration designed by iXima. The best part of the package is the bundled software: It will include a 39 day trial of the Hatsune Miku V3 Original and Dark voice banks, Crypton’s Piapro V4 Studio Editor and Vocaloid Editor for Cubase, and full versions of Cubase AI and Sonicwire audio samples.

AG03-MIKU Mixer, and promotional art by iXima

With all of this bundled software, you’re not only ready to begin webcasting, but also prepared to begin Vocaloid music production. The full AG03 specifications can be seen from Yamaha’s official product page (from the 仕様 tab), and they even offer free wallpapers featuring iXima’s promotional art, for both PC and mobile (just click the ダウンロード tab).

AG03-MIKU product page:

Availability of the mixer is expected later in 2015, and more info is due to be announced during a livestream event on March 31st, featuring popular Vocaloid producers HachiojiP, Yuyoyuppe and more. Stream info:

AG03-MIKU Promotional Video

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