Aug 182012

It was announced two days ago that the Yukata Ver. Nendoroid would be sold at the Hakkeijima Event Hall during the 39’s Caravan event, and it also said it would be available for online orders in September. But what it didn’t make clear is that they will also be taking international orders. This means that anyone can buy it.

As mentioned, the nendo will include three different facial expressions, as well as a fan and carrying pouch accessory. The price will be set at 3000 Yen ($38 USD) and shipping will likely be 2000 Yen for international orders. However, the shipping price stays the same for multiple orders. This means you can save a nice amount if you order more than one (such as for a friend, etc).

Pre-orders will open in September, and you can view the page with full size images and details by clicking the image above, or by clicking here. This definitely has to be one of the prettiest nendoroids I’ve ever seen, don’t you agree?

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