Oct 012014

YYB Type Miku in a lying pose. Image via 岳酔さん on Nico Seiga.

Another beautifully made Hatsune Miku MikuMikuDance model has made a surprise appearance online via Nico Seiga from a Chinese MMD artist named “YYB”. Due to the tradition of Hatsune Miku MMD models being named after their creators, the model has been dubbed the “YYB Type Hatsune Miku”.

This cute model has facial features that are reminiscent of a Chinese artist’s touch (rounder face and eyes), and has very fluid movement and physics. She has already proven popular, reaching 1500 downloads from bowlroll in just under 2 days.

You can find the download link and password for the model from the official post above on Nico Seiga. Additionally, you can watch the model motion demo from Bilibili below.

Motion demo video for YYB Type Miku. Click here to watch on Bilibili.

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