Nov 032012

There were a few questions about the panel over the Trans-Pacific project, most notably about Crypton’s own (or lack of) involvement with the planning and events. It seems there was no mistake, and Crypton will not be participating. It looks like they will be occupied with their own plans to spread out to the world.

What could these plans be? Who knows. But with Miku’s English voicebank now scheduled for a Spring 2013 release, this would probably not line up in time with Yamaha’s or INTERNET CO.’s own project plans.

Lastly, Project Diva F for the PS3 has had more info announced. The good news is that it will be a standalone game, unlike the past three PS3 releases. If you have a PS3, but not a Vita, this should come as exciting news. More here.

Image via Pixiv.

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  • Akita Neru

    Yup, Crypton have its own plans to conquer the world. It will fail, but who cares, if they are not the best. Gumi>Miku; soon we will have Lily English (Luka will have an alternative); Piko can replace Len, Gakupo (or Kyouteru)- Kaito, Miki- Rin, and Meiko is elite, she must’t be easy to get.
    BTW, you haven’t celebrated my birthday T-T

  • @Akita Neru: I didn’t forget, just been occupied. Sorry about that. I’m hoping I don’t miss Meiko’s B-day either.

  • Pontianak

    While I suppose this could be seen as not putting all your eggs in one basket, I wonder if this will hurt Crypton any. Often times those first to market in a region are the ones that get to SET the pace of the market. If another Vocaloid software that creators can buy in English gets popular first (and really use), it could put Cryptons Vocaloids at a serious disadvantage that could be hard to recover from.