Oct 202016

Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 China tour main visual by Saberiii

After over a month of leaks and speculation, Hatsune Miku Expo’s 2016 China Tour is now official! The news comes via Crypton Future Media’s official Weibo account. UPDATE: And now the official Hatsune Miku Expo website: http://mikuexpo.com/cn2016/

The tour will take place in Shanghai on December 3rd and 4th at Shanghai Happy Valley’s Arthur Palace (exhibition venue) and OCT Grand Theater (concert venue), and in Beijing on December 10th and 11th at the Beijing Exhibition Center Hall 7 (Exhibition venue), and Beijing Exhibition Center Theater (Concert venue). There will be noon and evening concert showings for both days at both events, and Crypton promises the exhibition events will be even bigger than that of last year’s Shanghai event.

Ticket presales will begin tonight (October 21st) at the following links at 6:00 PM (China Time). Presales tickets are limited to China, while details for overseas visitor tickets will become available October 24th. UPDATE – Overseas tickets available here! → http://www.mikufan.com/?p=17086

Shanghai Tickets (VIP tier): https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=540332071262
Shanghai Tickets (A and B tiers): http://piao.damai.cn/110920.html

Beijing Tickets (VIP, A and B tiers): http://www.228.com.cn/ticket-186236239.html
Beijing Tickets (VIP, A and B tiers): http://www.piaochong.com/view/3071.html

We’ll post more updates as they become available!

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  • crazyhunter

    That moment when the NA tour was just the concert while the other expos had exhibition events…….. Hopefully one day it will be equal

  • jrharbort

    It was, in 2014.

  • crazyhunter

    I mean this 2016 tour

  • Man we always hear about Miku Expo’s across japan, asia and america but never europe! This really sucks! When will europe finally get an official Expo?!

  • VirtualDynasty

    Hopefully they fix the glowstick reflection issue they had in the last Shanghai concert. Those strong reflections on the glass ruined the projection and audience immersion.

  • jrharbort

    When the right kind of people in Europe show enough interest for a Miku Expo.

  • Nico Zevallos

    Any chance for a North America tour again?

  • gregor is wanting to marry u

    Any idea on the best way to get heard on wanting a tour?

  • jrharbort

    Here’s some insight into what’s needed to make a Miku Expo happen: http://www.mikufan.com/crypton-future-medias-miku-expo-lets-go-campaign-mikufans-brief-interview/

  • Doomhammer

    The 24th has come and gone, should I be getting worried?

  • jrharbort

    The info for overseas has been delayed. It’s essentially “half finished”. We’re waiting on the other half.

  • Doomhammer

    Yeah, I saw the the post on their FB page a little later. Gonna keep checking in every now and then.

  • carl zheng

    Well maybe in 2018 cause prime minster of Japan just announce a few day ago he Hope to expand miku to globally
    Link the the website

  • Luo Tianyi

    I love hatsune miku she is the reason why I draw anime!
    And she brought inspiration to me!