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Needless to say, I think we were all expecting a DVD and Blu-ray release of the Mikupa in Kansai concert event at some point. It looks like those expectations have been answered, as there are now three different sets to choose from this time around. If you’re wondering about the Hong Kong, Taiwan and 2013 Sapporo concerts, those have been acknowledged in this announcement as well!

dvd_mikupaUp first is the DVD set. The entire 3 hour event spans two DVDs and includes all 39 songs. If you preorder from Amazon.co.jp, you can receive the following bonuses:

A special decorative box, a full brochure of the event containing additional images and infomation, and a white carrying pouch decorated with the images of all 6 Cryptonloids.

The DVD set is priced at 5,284 Yen and ships internationally. Please note that DVDs are region locked, and may require special steps to be playable in other regions.

bluray_mikupaUp next is the Blu-ray set, which is similar to the DVD set, but with a few important differences.

The Blu-ray set includes a bonus disk containing special footage from the 2012 Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts, as well as the recent 2013 Mikupa in Sapporo event. The carrying bag for this set is black instead of white.

The Blu-ray set is priced at 6,838 Yen, and ships internationally.

special_bluray_mikupa2The final set is much pricier, but contains a few attractive bonuses that are exclusive to Amazon.co.jp orders. It includes all bonuses found in the Blu-ray set shown above, as well as the following items:

A 50 page album containing special live and behind the scenes images of the event, and a steel-case book containing special illustrations by KEI. The price for this Amazon exclusive set is 11,340 Yen.

All three sets are scheduled to ship out on August 30th, a day before Hatsune Miku’s 6th anniversary. Alternatively, the first two sets can also be ordered from CDJapan (DVD and Blu-ray) and Amiami (DVD and Blu-ray).

If you missed it before, here is a video from the official Hatsune Miku YouTube channel containing footage and interviews from the Mikupa in Kansai event:

View the full song list from the concert event here.

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  • weirdo65

    Oh boy, sounds like fun… too bad i can’t afford something like this. 🙁

  • Randwill

    Do we know if the Blu-rays are playable in North America?

  • @Randwill: Blu-ray disks are far less restrictive when it comes to regions. Japan and North America share the same region when it comes to lockouts on Blu-ray (and that’s even if they decide to use it, it’s optional for Blu-rays). So yes, you can play them just fine.

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  • Kevin

    How can you tell that I REALLY love Miku?
    Well, just by reading this, I could NOT resist preordering the limited set even though it’s very pricy and has high shipping costs AND I don’t even have a BluRay player yet. So what did I do? Buy a blu ray player for my PC just for that!! XD

  • Cosmoman

    Meh…. who would buy a 5 times Repeat show with only TWO additional songs? Unless they never buy the previous Mikupa though…

  • @Cosmoman: That’s the thing. For many people, this was their first concert event, and it’s something they’d like to own.

  • Kevin

    Yes, I haven’t know Miku for that long yet, so I don’t have any of the other concerts, only watched them in not so good quality.
    So now that I am that big of a fan, I want to at least own one original concert. Also you have to admit, the concert WAS pretty good and has a lot of songs.

  • Todd

    Oh man, that performance of Secret Police was outstanding. I’m so glad they added it to the song list.

    I’m so jealous of all who went, I’d love to go see her live.

  • Cosmoman

    @ALL: Well…I have watched all the previous Mikupa Concert Since The VERY FIRST concert when they still haven’t use the transparent screen (they used thing like Big TV instead). And believe me… they repeated the same song again…again…again… and again… Even I would get bored by now… (-_-) it made me lose all hope on Mikupa’s Team.

    @Kevin: If you haven’t buy any of Miku’s concert,You better buy the 39’s Final Giving Day Concert’s (Miku Dai Kanshasai Concert 2012) Blu Ray or DVD. Trust me, it’s more worth buying than Mikupa in Kansai. You can buy it in http://www.amazon.co.jp, just search: 初音ミクコンサート 最後のミクの日感謝祭 [DVD] (2012)
    This is THE BEST CONCERT of Miku ever!! With the BEST 3D GRAPHIC and PERFORMANCE by SEGA’s Team. Trust me…after watching this…Miku’s design in Mikupa concert will look just like an 8 bit graphic character. (Sorry!)

  • @Cosmoman: If you’ve been paying attention the songs they’ve chosen, and looked at those particular songs on Nicovideo, you’ll start to notice a connection between all of them. Also, I don’t think you understand just how hard it is to obtain permissions for new songs. Hell, it’s hard to obtain permissions for offering existing concerts in overseas markets. The Mikunopolis Blu-ray was released in the U.S. nearly two years later due to difficulties with obtaining proper permissions from the respective producers.

  • Cosmoman

    @JRHarbort: Hard huh..? Don’t forget We’re talking about fans here, not OFFICIAL or FAMOUS MUSIC PRODUCER or LABEL RECORDS, coz almost all of Miku’s songs are made by fans. And I’m pretty sure with good and rationale compensation, they will be more than delighted to have their songs performed by Miku in Live Concerts! For example: Mitchie M, he has soo many great songs (Freely tomorrow, Eazy Dance, Blooming The Idol,etc) and his songs already enters Project Diva F, yet he lets his songs being performed live in Toracon 2013, which is a fanmade event. I’m pretty sure He didn’t get paid much by the EO, or maybe He didn’t get paid at all? I don’t know.. But one thing we can see here: It’s not Hard to get a permission from a Vocaloid Music Producer. After all… Miku and Vocaloids are movements made by fans and for fans.

  • Cosmoman

    One more thing… If they have a hard time getting a new song for the concert, at least they can be creative with the song arrangements, or with the dance coreo. The 39’s team did this, and prove to be very successful. Although they have many repeat songs, but it still feel fresh because they varies the song arrangement and also the Vocaloids’ dance moves.

  • @Cosmoman: “yet he lets his songs being performed live in Toracon 2013, which is a fanmade event. I’m pretty sure He didn’t get paid much by the EO, or maybe He didn’t get paid at all?”. <- Bingo. It's much easier to obtain permissions when money ISN'T involved. And that's assuming they did get proper permissions (not saying they lied about it, but some people do). Once money starts to become involved, many producers start to get a bit iffy.

  • Cosmoman

    @JRHARBORT: Toracon’s EO DID GET an OFFICIAL APPROVAL from Mitchie M himself. I become a subscriber for Mitchie M in you Tube, and He boast so happily about His song “Eazy Dance” being performed in Toracon.

  • @Cosmoman: That answer was a bit more forward than it needed to be. I’m sure you know very well how often unofficial events take place without permission.

  • Kevin

    I know that concert. I have actually watched all of them online somewhere, I just don’t own any yet. But as a Miku fan, I want to own one. So I think that will be the best option since I 1) love special editions and 2) there are a total of 39 songs here and it’s just a great variety. I agree that this concert is not perfect or that creative, but still very satisfying at least to me. So I will buy it no doubt! 😉

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